“HOTZONE” Long-Sleeve

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The HOTZONE sweater from the ECOTACT line is made from the world-renowned Merino wool, which is considered to be one of the most functional natura isolation materials, and that makes this product an intergral part of the clothing attire. With its thermoregulatory characteristics, this fabric shields the user from the temperature extremes, while providing a high grade of comfort. The HOTZONE sweater is the ideal choice as the underlayer, for warm as well as cold days, due to its ability of keeping warmth and removing moisture, while keeping the user comfortable. It is more than just "just in case" protective long-sleeve.

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PREVENT & DELOZA is a Slovenian company, qualified for the design and production of custom protective clothing. The FIRECAT brand represents the first development class of our specialized garment, combining our ever-evolving vision with an old-school approach and clear focus on advanced solutions, tailored to your comfort.

The green Firecat label indicates the ECOTACT collection, which has been developed exclusively for professional hunters and other outdoor work. Versatile functionality combined with smart materials offers above-standard durability, while the lightweight design provides comfort and thus allows better focus at work. Become part of the future with Ecotact, a sustainable line for the guardians of nature. 

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72% PES 25% WO 3% EA

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