“HYDRA TRACTIC” Rain Trousers

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Trousers are one of the most exposed pieces of clothing in the event of unexpected rain in the field. HYDRA products from the ECOTACT collection, which are made from 100% waterproof and wind-resistant top-quality membrane fabric, evens the odds. HYDRA TRACTIC rain trousers are easy to wear over ordinary hunting trousers and prevent sudden rainfall from making your work more difficult, keeping the user dry. The latest modern membrane materials, drainage channels, double ended waterproof zippers on the side, and extra footwear fabric guard, makes the rain trousers HYDRA TRACTIC  an indispensable part of hunting equipment.

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Sub-label HYDRA products of the ECOTACT collection are distinguished by usage of top-quality membrane fabric, which is 100% waterproof and wind-resistant. The HYDRA JACKKET and HYDRA TRACTIC rain trousers are products, which are meant as complementary pieces of clothing, which can be worn over other clothing, but the jacket can easily be used independently on its own. Both products were tested in the laboratory experimental conditions, as well as in nature, where they demonstrated sturdy and effective protection against heavy rainfall and wind. 

PREVENT & DELOZA is a Slovenian company, qualified for the design and production of custom protective clothing. The FIRECAT brand represents the first development class of our specialized garment, combining our ever-evolving vision with an old-school approach and clear focus on advanced solutions, tailored to your comfort.

 The green Firecat label indicates the ECOTACT collection, which has been developed exclusively for professional hunters and other outdoor work. Versatile functionality combined with smart materials offers above-standard durability, while the lightweight design provides comfort and thus allows better focus at work. Become part of the future with Ecotact, a sustainable line for the guardians of nature. 

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